Summer LOVE with Prosecco

If your summer doesn’t include some of these fun & refreshing Prosecco drinks, you’re doing it wrong. These prosecco concoctions are super cute and can easily take the edge off of any hot summer day (and lets face it, there’s only so much time left to indulge- so hop to it).

How can anyone resist ice cream with alcohol?

Prosecco ice cream floats

Not only are these little floats adorable, they taste AMAZING. All you need is a cute little glass, a bottle of your favorite Prosecco (I can’t resist a bottle of 90 Plus prosecco– yum), vanilla ice cream (or any other flavor if you’re feeling frisky), a pint of mixed berries, and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Toss the berries in the sugar and let it marinate for 15 mins, then put those babies in a cute glass, top with ice cream, and that yummy prosecco. You can thank me later.

Take a breath, because this next one is almost too cute.

Icepop prosecco

Can you even?

I digress. This one literally could not be more simple. Pop your ice pop into a wine glass and pour your Prosecco over. Enjoy. Not only is this drink sweet and delish, it was named by Buzzfeed as one of the 60 MUST do things this summer. See? I’m not alone.

Last, but not least, Prosecco with lemon sherbet<3

Prosecco with lemon sherbet

Similar to the vanilla-berry float above, but with different flavors, this is sure to give you an afternoon pick me up. Just take lemon sherbet (any kind will do) and place it into a pretty glass. Then cut up some strawberries (1 pint), mix with 1/4 cup of sugar, and 1 tsp of finely grated lemon zest. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Top the sherbet off with your berry mixture and add 90+ Prosecco (trust me, it’s the best one to use).

Literal perfection.

This heat wave has nothing on these cool Prosecco drinks.

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