Newsflash: I’m not a wine connoisseur

I need some moral support on this Wine Wednesday.

Lets play a game. U.S. News put a fun little quiz to find out if you’re a wine connoisseur. I don’t need a quiz to know I am, in fact, not a wine connoisseur. So not.



Of course, this revelation of mine doesn’t prevent me from enjoying wine. In fact, the amount of money I have spent on wine could likely fund my sommelier degree (is that a thing?). Don’t be judge-y. I know you kick back with wine too.

Wine time is the best time. Even Johnny Depp thinks so.

A N Y W A Y. Not everyone can be a connoisseur of fine wine, but you can at least pronounce your wine correctly. So, here’s a handy dandy word diagram for you wino’s people that need help pronouncing your favorite wine. Stop embarrassing yourselves.


See? No more shame. Now just stop drinking your wine out of a solo cup attached to a pedestal- immediately.



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