Bevrage @ Alive @ Five

It’s that time again! Bevrage will be @ Alive @ Five in Stamford, CT tonight! Not only will we be there with our beautiful Bevrage girls, but there will be plenty of drinks and live music to enjoy. You really can’t miss it. Honestly, it’s a good time.

Just look at last week:


This could be you.

Bevrage will be there promoting our app (obvs) and if you download it between now and August 13 you’ll be eligible to win up $1,000 in a cash prize! This is a win-win people. The app itself allows you to find liquor stores in YOUR area that carry brands that are offering cash back on amazing beverages (IE- 90+, Altos, Spiked Seltzer, Powers Whiskey, etc.). You’re literally getting cash back on liquor you’re buying anyway, because let’s face it, you love drinking.

We’re here for you- and so is Alive @ Five.



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