Wine Wednesday (with pizza)


Living the dream.

Well, it’s wine Wednesday again- getting you through the week one glass of wine at a time. Elite Daily and I are besties and have the same brain so obviously they love wine too. According to them there are 21 reasons why wine drunk will always be your favorite drunk (swoon). Here’s a few for your face:

1. It makes you feel classy

Yep. There’s literally no scenario in which I could be holding a wine glass and not feel super classy.

2. It’s technically fruit

It’s a win-win. Drinking AND getting your daily serving of fruit (It’s legit, promise).

3. Even if your teeth are purple, you still feel sexy


The full list can be found here: 21 Reasons why wine drunk will always be your favorite drunk

What better way to get your wine on this Wednesday than with some of our brands featured on the Bevrage app? Seriously, check it out (Bevrage). I even made you this needlepoint:


Just kidding. I didn’t.

But here’s a handy dandy pairing list for wine & pizza:

wine wednesday-4

If you’re anything like me, your desire to cook is directly related to the amount of wine you have previously consumed. In other words, wine = take out. Like, every time. At least now you can class it up with a fancy pairing and impress all of your wino friends. Like I said earlier, I’m here to get you drunk help.



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