The Holy Grail

Behold, the holy grail of hangover cures (no, not yellow Gatorade):



According to FWx (my new obsession) and S C I E N C E, chugging a glass of pear juice can help to reduce your hangover. Obviously, hangovers are the devil. Anything that I can do to reduce their presence in my life is worth a try. Enter, the pear. This sweet little baby is the holy grail (supposedly). There’s one caveat- you have to remember to drink the pear juice before you start pounding beers.

I know. 

How am I supposed to remember to juice a pear while I’m busy contemplating my outfit choice?

first world

Practical- no. Probable- no, again. Recommended- so they tell me.

So, tonight, before you put on your high waisted shorts and hit the bar with reckless abandon, drink some pear juice. Your brain will thank you tomorrow when you wake up with your cognitive skills still in tact. Then you can roll yourself down the street to brunch. Maybe.



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