Jay-Z is bae

99 Problems

Go home Jay-Z, you’re drunk.

If you’re having bottle problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 bottles and… I’m going to drink them all. I know it doesn’t rhyme.


 Things I’ve learned from Jay-Z:

1. Nothing

2. See number one

I would be lying if I said that this post had anything to do with Jay-Z. Let’s talk about Bacon instead. Brunch to be precise.

brunch so hard-that shit cray

(I couldn’t help myself)

If you don’t do hangover damage control brunch on Sunday we can’t be friends. Brunching is literally the best. You get to eat what is, arguably, the best meal of the day- all day, and day drinking is acceptable. It is the one day that the shame spiral that is your life is tolerated by the rest of society.

Rejoice & take full advantage.

I’ll be wearing this (last one, promise):

brunch so hard

Ugh, I could really go for some french toast. Check out some of my favorite spots in New Haven to brunch:

The Pantry

Holy amazing. This place is right off of State street in the Elm City. You do have to wait in line outside because it’s a tiny little place -BUT- the food is g r e a t. Just be sure you bundle if it’s cold outside otherwise it will be a bad time.

Bella’s Cafe

Located in Westville, this place is cute af. The service could be better, but I would wager it’s the best brunch in New Haven. Likewise to the Pantry, there is a wait- ALWAYS. It’s bit of a downer when you’re starving after a night of binge drinking but it’s totes worth it. The specials menu is ever changing and so damn good. Very consistent.

Stone Hearth

This place feels more commercial than either of the other two, but at least you can sit inside if there’s a wait- which there never is. The food is good. I hesitate to say great. I don’t think they get enough business to give people a really dynamic menu. The choices are stagnant and can get old if you go there regularly. I’m more of a fan of menus that change, it’s like a fun hangover surprise.

Happy brunching!



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