Monday Morning Recap

I know everyone is struggling this morning.


So here’s a little recap of where Bevrage was this weekend to brighten your day. Saturday was cray. We started the day at the Spiked Seltzer tent for the New Haven Craft Beer Festival and 5k. Let me tell you, those people were struggling. It was like 90 degrees by 10 am.

Running in the heat = death.

Spiked Seltzer was there to save the day, of course. People were loving how refreshing it was, especially because they were about to burst into flames from the ridiculous heat. Our tent was super popular. If you didn’t come you missed out for sure. Here are some pics to make you jealous:


I even got this awesome cup just for showing up- win.


After the fest I was off to Coastal Wine & Spirits in Branford to meet with Fisher’s Island Lemonade for a tasting.

image1 copy

Clearly, I had to make sure that Bevrage was properly represented.

image5image2image1image2 copy

Stay strong guys.




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