To World Peace!


It’s Groundhog’s Day! You know what that means, right? No, I’m not talking about that shadow nonsense; I’m talking about the Groundhog’s Day Drinking Game! Since the movie will be on 1,236 times today, let’s make things a little interesting. Here’s what you do:


Drink Every Time:

  • There’s a new day
  • Phil impresses someone with a newly acquired skill
  • The word “groundhog” is mentioned

Take A Shot Every Time:

  • Phil runs into Ned Ryerson
  • Phil attempts suicide

Finish Your Beer:

  • When Phil and Rita drink to world peace
  • When Phil wakes up on the day after Groundhog’s Day


Disclaimer: Please Groundhog’s Day drink responsibly. If Bill Murray appears in your living room, I suggest you eat a hot pocket and go to sleep. Actual groundhogs may not participate unless valid identification is provided.  





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